About Extremists for LIFE ("E4L")


What's With The Name?

WHY are we Extremists For LIFE?  The Pro-Abortion community has labeled people who are Pro-LIFE  - "Extremists."   We proudly embrace that label since we believe EVERY LIFE is a uniquely precious gift from GOD to be valued at every stage. 

Emperor Penguins - These amazing birds are serious parents who go to  EXTREMES to protect LIFE.

Why the Penguin? Meet Our Very Determined Mascot!


What Is This Project About?

The Extremists for LIFE project recounts the stories of 3 Texas families and the important decisions the parents had to make at different stages of pregnancy.  The E4L Project Video Trailer is a brief introduction to the families of Elizabeth, Bethany and Jennifer who are the focus of the "E4L" upcoming mini-documentary video (currently in production).   

Smiling members of New York Assembly celebrating expansion of rights to late-term abortion.

If We are Extremists for LIFE .... What Are These People?

These are the smiling faces of the 2019 New York Assembly members who celebrated their "victories" (along with other State Legislatures) in expanding late-term abortions in America.  What beliefs are at the heart of the vast differences between Pro-LIFE and Pro-Abortion advocates?   Through the stories featured in the final E4L mini-documentary video, these families will explain WHY they chose LIFE for their daughters when abortion was the encouraged "option" of their physicians.   

What Extremists For LIFE IS and What It Is NOT

Extremists  For LIFE IS  NOT a Pro-Life "organization" as we already have MANY tremendous Pro-Life Organizations that have been working tirelessly in defense of LIFE for decades.  

Extremists For LIFE IS a "project" based effort dedicated to telling Pro-Life stories of those who chose LIFE when given the heart breaking news that their baby would be born with very serious disabling (and often life-threatening) medical conditions.   

Those involved in this project understand that every woman makes decisions based on very specific circumstances of their pregnancy.   In addition,  we understand that they may not always have supportive families or networks to rely upon when making decisions about the future of their baby.  

This project is not designed to " judge" those who chose abortion instead of LIFE.   Instead, it is intended to show what guides Biblical Christians to celebrate the lives of every baby regardless of the physical or mental limitations they might face.   

The parents featured in this project walked in FAITH through the many significant challenges of their decisions.  They were guided by their sincere desire and conviction to Glorify GOD the Giver of LIFE in all things.


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